Sepideh Nourmohammad Manesh | about me
Sepideh Nourmohammad Manesh, the pioneer Iranian painter.
sepideh nourmohammad manesh, sepideh nour mohammad manesh, artist, painting, iranian, female
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about me

welcome to my world

Although my paintings are not quite separated from everyday life, they do not reflect it directly. For me, painting is a way of expressing our inner fantasies and imaginations and giving life to images that are deep in our subconscious. I’d rather avoid mainstream, fashionable and dominant themes that tend to carry away the artist or the art in general. Instead of reproducing exotic themes, I rather create my own mental images by passing over appearances and penetrating into life itself with all its bitterness and darkness.

Meanwhile, in order to avoid viewers’ distraction and keep them focused, I reduce the number of elements in my paintings as much as possible. My main goal is to express my inner thoughts and nightmares through themes like body, hands, mutilations, carcasses, and metamorphosis in an incongruous space. For me, these mutilated, transformed and even metamorphic bodies are survivors of our everyday life and innate experiences which is not limited to special time and space.

solo exhibitions

  • Golestan Gallery, 2017, Tehran, Iran
  • Etemad Gallery, 2015, Tehran, Iran
  • Golestan Gallery, 2013, Tehran, Iran

group exhibitions

  • Group Exhibition, Etemad Gallery, 2015, Tehran, Iran
  • Art Center, 2013, Tehran, Iran
  • Elaheh Gallery, 2012, Tehran, Iran
  • Unexposed Exhibition in the European Parliament, Brussels, Athens, and Warsaw 2011-2012
  • and many more…


  • “Word and Image in Shiraz Manuscripts”, Shiraz International Congress, Shiraz, Iran, 2008


  • B.Sc. in Computer Engineering (Software), Azad University (Tehran Markaz)
  • M.A. in Art Research from Tehran Art University
  • Ranked 1st in Nationwide university entrance exam for Master’s degree
  • Ranked 1st in Azad University entrance exam for Master’s degree
  • Teaching in Elmi-Karbordi Soureh University
  • Teaching Art philosophy, Art History, Islamic architecture in Shariati University
  • Working in Academy of Art for an international congress