Sepideh Nourmohammad Manesh | Solo Exhibition in Switzerland, Lucerne
Sepideh Nourmohammad Manesh, the pioneer Iranian painter.
sepideh nourmohammad manesh, sepideh nour mohammad manesh, artist, painting, iranian, female
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Solo Exhibition in Switzerland, Lucerne

Solo Exhibition in Switzerland, Lucerne

You are invited to my first solo exhibition in Switzerland, Lucerne from 12 March till 30 April Lucerne.

Here is my statement for this exhibition in English and Persian.


I have the sense of an animal that marking a place to turn it into a territory.

I move through the subjects, from body to nature.

Every bit of my existence forms each piece of this series.

The result of ideas that are not my creation, but only have passed through me.

These days, I see painting more as a result of the bodily encounter of painter with raw material, and the fruit of this bodily contact is love affair.

I pass through an idea to another idea, from a place to another place. My passage is the whiteness of the canvas, which is something else before dawn, and so am I.

I never know where these images will take me. Maybe just to conquer time and space.


حس حیوانی را دارم که نشانه‌گذاری می‌کند تا از مکان قلمرو‌ بسازد

از سوژه‌ها گذر می‌کنم، از تن به طبیعت

هر قطعه‌ی این مجموعه حاصل پاره های من است

حاصل ایده‌هایی که مخلوق من نیستند و تنها از من عبور کرده‌اند

این روزها نقاشی را بیشتر حاصل مواجهه‌ی تنانه‌ی نقاش با ماده‌ی خام می‌بینم و ثمره‌ی این مواجهه تنانه را معاشقه

می گذرم از ایده‌ای به ایده‌ی دیگر و از مکانی به مکان دیگر. گذرگاه من سپیدی بوم است که پیش از سحر گاه چیز دیگری‌ست، و‌ من هم

هیچ‌گاه نمی‌دانم این نقش‌ها مرا به کجا می‌برند. شاید تنها به فتح زمان و مکان

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